Giving Thanks Giveaway: DancesToGo… Encore

This giveaway is now closed.

This is it. Our final giveaway!

Dejà vu. Didn’t DancesToGo open The Giving Thanks Giveaway?

You bet. Frances, the dynamo behind DancesToGo, is just super generous and wanted to give THREE MORE people a chance to get free ready-made choreography downloads from

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If you came late to the party and don’t know about, Feel free to head over to the other post where you can learn more. Here’s the postcard version: creates fun and ready to teach downloadable dance routines for dance studio and elementary school teachers and their students.

Here’s what you need to know for this giveaway:

This contest, like all the others featured at Dance Advantage this week, is independent from any of the others, including the initial DancesToGo contest posted on Monday. This means contestants can enter one or both DancesToGo giveaways.

What you can win:

As before, DancesToGo is offering a $25 gift certificate to THREE Dance Advantage readers.
On this, the Dances To Go encore giveaway, there’s more!

Decorated Christmas treeThe three winners from this drawing will also receive 3 Christmas dance routines, choreographed by yours truly.

  • The Little Christmas Tree -The suggested music for this one is Stevie Wonder’s classic One Little Christmas Tree. This sweet and earnest little number is perfect for 5 – 8 year olds. Dancers all get a turn in the spotlight with simple, often pantomimed movement that is great for beginners who may have only a few months of class under their belt.
  • The Christmas Tree Rock – You’ll think the suggested track for this one is The Beatles. It isn’t, but Rubber Band’s holiday ode to the Fab Four is just as classic. Repetition and unambiguous rhythms make it easy for students to pick-up; changes in formation keep it fun and interesting for the audience. Suitable for ages 8 – 14, depending on the group of students.
  • A Little Angel – Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, and these little angels/devils know how to beat the system. Parents especially will get a kick out of this dance for 3-5 year-olds. Simple to pull together for a holiday performance, especially with Santa’s class helpers nearby.

Please note that these particular routines are infused with Christmas themes. They may not be suitable for all classes or all students. Use your discretion.

These and other choreographies of my own design will gradually be made available for purchase at but you can win these 3, plus download $25 worth of dance choreography if you enter this giveaway.

How to enter:

Leave a comment at this post, answering the question: What is your signature move when you choreograph?

Intentional or not, we all seem to have one. I think mine is balancé. Maybe it’s because I like doing them so much but, they find their way into everything, not just ballet. Okay, they aren’t necessarily called balancé in jazz but I can rock a swaying step ball-change, or make it pop in hip-hop, or add some flaps with my very soft shoes. How about you?

Many of our giveaways close TONIGHT at midnight EST. Friday’s and today’s giveaways (including this one) close Sunday at midnight EST. Either way, you don’t have much time!

The DancesToGo encore giveaway is open worldwide.

  1. Leave your comment below.
  2. Be sure to thank Frances for a second go at DancesToGo – she’s on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. And make sure you haven’t missed out on any of our other giveaways.
Good luck! I truly hope you’re a winner!

Giving Thanks Giveaway 2010: Dances To Go

This giveaway is now closed.

Welcome to the Giving Thanks Giveaway 2010!

Dances To Go logo - Our Perfection is your PerformanceWe’re going to kick things off with creates fun and ready to teach downloadable dance routines for dance studio and elementary school teachers and their students.

Knowing first-hand how busy dance studio owners and dance teachers are with classes and competitions, two women from Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Frances Hellens McDonald and Lisa Bondy, created this unique resource to provide ready-made non-syllabus practice and performance routines.

They offer a collection of dances by award winning choreographers and talented performers whose artistic backgrounds include dance, music, drama, and television. Incorporating creative movement and props, their preschool routines are perfect for energetic little ones. Meanwhile, DanceToGo’s classical selections will inspire the young dancer. These selections are sure to put a smile on each and every dancer (and their parents!).

All routines are available instantly and for each one DancesToGo supplies an iTunes link to suggested music, which can be purchased separately. Also available for many of their preschool routines is a video download of the dance, performed by an instructor.

DancesToGo choreographer Tia Colborne teaches class at her studioTeachers can download easy-to-read notes with footwork and arm movements, music, and/or video right to their iPod, iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, then head straight to the studio.

DancesToGo wants to give away ONE $25 dollar gift-certificate to THREE different Dance Advantage readers.

With prices ranging from $1.99 to 3.99 per download, this will buy a number of routines for use in your classes.

To win a gift certificate, here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment at this post, answering the following question: For which of your age groups or classes would ready-made choreography really come in handy?

This giveaway is open worldwide and lasts until Saturday, November 13. Three winners will be drawn on Sunday.

I hope you are one of them! Check back later today for another giveaway.

Win Prizes: The Giving Thanks Giveaway Is Here


Check here for updates

Here’s what you missed!
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Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers
Real Deal Dance Marketing
Richard Maddock Music & Compositions
The Body Series
Grosh Backdrops
DancesToGo – “encore”

*Disclosure: The above companies have sponsored this giveaway with the donation of prizes and a sponsorship fee. Dance Advantage also participates in the affiliate programs of some sponsors. For further disclosure details, click here.

PLEASE READ our giveaway policies.

Six days of giveaways. This is our first contest EVENT and you don’t want to miss it.

Twelve giveaways – that’s two every day.

Dance Advantage Giving Thanks Giveaway: Nov 8 - 13, 2010When will it begin?

Monday, November 8.

When will it end?

Saturday, November 13.

What could I win?

Just you wait and see. I don’t want to spoil the fun by divulging too much but I can tell you we’ve got wearables, practice gear, music, memberships, choreography resources, and more.

What will I have to do?

All you have to do is show up and comment. Stay tuned to There will be a link to the giveaways on the home page. Or bookmark this post. I’ll update it to include links to the new giveaways each day.

What are my chances?

It depends. There will be up to three winners on each giveaway. Winners will be chosen randomly from those that comment on each individual giveaway.

Subscribers, just because they’re cool like that, earn an extra entry. There’s still time to get in on that action… sign up here.

Are you crazy?

Possibly… definitely. But I’m hosting a giveaway because I want to thank my readers. That’s YOU, whether you’ve only recently found yourself in this enchanted forest or you’ve already taken a bite of the apple and liked it.

And since it’s nearing the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., what better time to show appreciation?

Last time I checked, a week was seven days.

True, but while you are having a rest on the 7th day, I’ll be randomly drawing names and contacting winners. You’ll only have 48 hours to get back to me if I draw your name because frankly I don’t want this giveaway to drag on into Christmas.

Any questions?

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