24-Week Toddler Curriculum Giveaway

We’re giving away Maria’s Movers’ Grownup and Me curriculum for toddlers to learn movement, social skills, and use their imaginations!

Celebrate Birthdays With Creative Dance

Maria had a birthday this month so her gift to you is to share her ideas and tips for leading fun, creative dance birthday parties. If your young students want to share creative dance with their friends, this is a fantastic way to use your talents to earn a little extra money (not to mention market your classes), but it’s not really a ‘piece of cake!’

Why You Should Jump, Play, And Roll On The Floor With Your Students

Teaching dance is not a spectator sport! Do you dance with your students? Get up and down from the floor? Follow the rules you have set? Maria offers tips on why you should dance with your preschoolers and how to save energy doing it!

Making The Case For Barefoot Preschool Dance

Tie my shoes! My Feet Hurt! Sound Familiar? Maria makes a case for why teachers should toss the dance shoes aside and ask preschoolers to dance barefoot.

“And Remember To Smile!”

Do you now remind your students to smile as they enter their dance examinations or auditions? Angeline’s article challenges the practice of telling dance students to smile en route to an exam, noting that it may hinder instead of help many students. We ask you, what are some alternatives?

The Perfect (and Painless) Ballet Bun – It Can Be Done!

Going beyond ‘how to make a ballet bun’, Angeline’s tutorial provides tips that help moms and dance teachers keep your dancers comfortable during the bun-making process. These pointers for pain-free and hygienic hairstyling are a must for exam and competition days!

“No, Don’t Go!” Ideas For Easing Separation Anxiety

Teachers of young dancers are always looking for creative ways to ease the separation anxiety children feel when their grown-ups drop them off for class. Maria shares what’s worked best for her and acknowledges those times when a child just isn’t ready to separate.

Performance Formula: Successfully Showcasing Young Dancers

Forget the costumes, backstage, and the tickets. Maria gives a formula for showcasing young dancers and building a community that can get excited about dance.

Engaging Preschoolers with Puppets

Puppets are a wonderful way to add depth to a dance and back you up when you need help. Discover the benefits of adding puppets into the preschool dance room.

Celebrating The Arts: Decorating The Dance Room While Connecting to Class Content

If I had a studio space to call my own I would have a lot of fun decorating it. Big empty walls and mirrors, windows and doors at my disposal. I would be in dance studio heaven. Since I don’t have my own walls, my refrigerator is decorated with splashes of color and drawings of interpretations of what my students are learning in class. It’s pretty thoughtful that they think of me while they are drawing, don’t you think? As {Read More}

5 Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like Less Of A Teaching Robot

Dance teachers teach a lot of classes to earn a living. Repetition makes it easier to organize but harder to keep things fresh. Maria has adapted these 5 ideas to stop feeling like a robot in her preschool dance classes. Try them for yourself to beat burnout and enjoy your classes again.

What’s Not To Love About A Pink Walrus?

Take little dancers on a Ballet Adventure with Liz Vacco. Her Petite Feet DVD presents developmentally appropriate ballet concepts and vocabulary with imaginative stories and imagery and original songs. The set and a friendly Walrus have Yo Gabba Gabba charm but there are more reasons kids, parents, and teachers will love this new DVD for young dancers.