24-Week Toddler Curriculum Giveaway

We’re giving away Maria’s Movers’ Grownup and Me curriculum for toddlers to learn movement, social skills, and use their imaginations!

Celebrate Birthdays With Creative Dance

Maria had a birthday this month so her gift to you is to share her ideas and tips for leading fun, creative dance birthday parties. If your young students want to share creative dance with their friends, this is a fantastic way to use your talents to earn a little extra money (not to mention market your classes), but it’s not really a ‘piece of cake!’

Why You Should Jump, Play, And Roll On The Floor With Your Students

Teaching dance is not a spectator sport! Do you dance with your students? Get up and down from the floor? Follow the rules you have set? Maria offers tips on why you should dance with your preschoolers and how to save energy doing it!

Making The Case For Barefoot Preschool Dance

Tie my shoes! My Feet Hurt! Sound Familiar? Maria makes a case for why teachers should toss the dance shoes aside and ask preschoolers to dance barefoot.

“And Remember To Smile!”

Do you now remind your students to smile as they enter their dance examinations or auditions? Angeline’s article challenges the practice of telling dance students to smile en route to an exam, noting that it may hinder instead of help many students. We ask you, what are some alternatives?