Sunday Snapshot: The Silent Current

Paolo Santos came to photography by way of film making.

He got his first digital SLR camera strictly to create time lapse sequences for his work in 2005. When the camera was not taking time lapse, he was snapping images here and there and finally, one day decided to get serious with it.

Photo: The Silent Current by Paolo A. Santos

©Paolo A. Santos

Paolo has an appreciation for body mechanics. He is a martial artist and his wife is a ballet dancer. This image was taken outdoors in Utah and features his wife, Caroline Sicard. “We are currently working on a film project exploring the concept of dreams as the conduit for messages from the natural world and the universal consciousness,” says Paolo. “The image was taken as an experiment with my wife; how she would move in particular environments through what she can hear, smell, feel, see and touch.”

The following are merely test shots from the film but breathtaking:

DISPLACEMENTS Project Test Imagery #1 from Paolo A. Santos on Vimeo.

In this current test: Caroline Sicard and Elia Aymon (dancers from Cirque du Soleil’s newest Las Vegas show “Viva Elvis”.
Teaser filmed, edited and scored by: Paolo A. Santos

About the Photographer: Paolo A. Santos was schooled in classical painting and worked in Toronto with a very short lived career. He moved to Montreal working for a few years as a contracted music composer for ballet and contemporary dance companies and projects in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. After moving to Las Vegas in 2002 he slowly re-directed his creative path towards film making, which eventually, branched out to photography.

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