8 Great Links for Dancers In Training

8 links for dancers

We love sharing great articles from around the web. Here are eight great ones for dance students in all stages of their development.

Teaching Dance Freelance – Do You Have An Umbrella?

Parasol Umbrella by Michelle Yao

Maria shares how she’s made her way as a freelance dance teacher in New York City, providing tips for how to do the same. Her story encourages you to find your niche and build an umbrella, or brand, to create a place and set of guidelines you consider “home”.

What Makes a Dance Career “Alternative”?

from "Body Logic Photo Shoots" on clairebagleyhayesdance.com

Alissa, Dance Advantage intern and correspondent, explores the definition of “alternative” careers in dance and speaks with two students combining their passions in pursuit of such a path. The first is Chelsie, a Dance/Movement Therapy student at Columbia College and Claire, a member of The University of Utah’s Screendance Certificate Program.

New Dawn, New Day, New Things Coming Your Way

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Televised arts programming received a blow when Time Warner Cable dropped Ovation. Not cool. What is cool? The new quarter of content 4dancers and Dance Advantage have coming your way!

What a Candy Cane Can Teach About The Virtues of a Dancer

IMAGE A candy cane's tabletop reflection forms a heart. IMAGE

Young ballet dancers gain integral qualities that lead to success, not only in dance, but in life. Guest and School of the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Director, Melanie Doskocil describes for readers two occasions when it was clear her students had discovered important life lessons – ones that will carry them far toward a successful future.

DanceStage.com Creator, Colby’s Long And Winding Road

DanceStage.com Advisory Board

His path in dance and (I hope he won’t mind my saying) in life has been somewhat indirect. While it’s awesome to see a driven and focused career materialize, the truth is, most dancers I know have traveled a long and winding road. So, I thought it would be interesting to represent that and talk with Colby on the blog.

Role Of A Lifetime: Returning To Dance As A Mom

Sara Webb and Ian Casady in 40 by Stanton Welch; Photo: Amitava Sarkar

“Your body does change,” confirms Sara, “and my fear was that I wouldn’t be able to look or dance the way I did before pregnancy and birth.” It was a fear that Toni shared. When asked what concerns she had about pregnancy, Toni answers, “That my body would never be the same. Its true, my body has never been the same. So what.” However, Toni concedes, “Like most dancers, I am hard on my body image, and that got worse after having a baby.”

Surviving And Thriving As A Male Dancer

Liora Kuttler © 2009

It is shocking to discover that people can be much more open and accepting than we give them credit for. It is important for the young male dancer to keep an open mind and allow room for people to accept and admire his dance talent. Remember, not everyone will approve, nor does everyone have to. But there are many art supporters, family and friends who will accept your dance talent as a gift and encourage you to use it to the fullest.

The Professional Dancer’s Survival Kit


Do you have an interest in taking your dancing to the professional level? Here are some inside tips on what you need to survive in your career as a professional dancer.

Duncan Cooper Offers Advice at “My Son Can Dance”

My Son Can Dance author, Nina Amir, interviews Duncan Cooper.

What To Look For in a Dance Studio


Opinions on the characteristics of a good dance studio or school abound. In previous posts I have outlined what I feel are important qualities to consider when assessing where you are currently or potentially studying dance.

College Bound – Your Career in Dance


Being a university dance alum myself, it is my desire to help new and future college students with their transition to studying dance in a university setting. I have already posted topics on this subject, however, if you are new to the blog you may not know about them so I thought I’d do a little re-post compiling the articles. Also, I’d like to provide you with resources for further investigation. Check out the links at the bottom of this {Read More}