Careers To Consider: Teaching Americans to Love Dance in K-12

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What is it like, teaching dance in public schools? Is this career right for you? Learn more about teaching in public education, the credentials you’ll need to work in this environment, and what to expect on the job from a K-12 dance educator.

What To Do When It’s Clear A Career Isn’t In Your Future

IMAGE A young ballerina sits on a blue floor near a group of ballet slippers IMAGE

A dance career is not for everyone. Even those who’ve spent many happy years training, with dance classes every night, rehearsals, competitions and performances every weekend, formed deeply bonded friendships, and had amazing dance mentors. But after all the blood, sweat, and tears, what do you do now? Jessica Shoop Williams has been there… and back again, and shares her advice with you.

Dance Training in New York vs. Los Angeles

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If you were looking to train professionally in modern dance and wanted to relocate to the big city, would you choose Los Angeles or New York? With a little help from a friend who knows both cities well we compare the dance personalities of each and discuss the importance of setting goals to get you where you want to go.