I’ve Been Blogging For 5 Years. No Joke!

After 5 years of blogging, Nichelle has learned a thing or two about blogging! She answers questions from you on growing a blog, advertising a blog, blogging with integrity, and more. And she does it ON CAMERA. We think you’ll appreciate her candor. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask your own questions, too!

Is Dance A Field In Danger?

The Dance/USA conference raised questions on the state of dance. A young woman cries as she describes the difficulty of working multiple jobs without access to adequate health care or insurance. Is a dance career sustainable? Is the art form? Columnist Lauren Warnecke offers her thoughts on conversation, change, and finding the “why”.

Will Your Site Be A Top Dance Blog of 2010?

Engage your readers and find out why they love you. This is valuable to blog owners no matter your readership or chances to be a Top Dance Blog. Even if you don’t qualify for the top ten or twenty, you’ll enter 2011 with encouragement to keep blogging!

Blog Spotlight: Maria Is Moving, Creating, Educating

I was immediately drawn to the material over at Move. Create. Educate for its emphasis on creative movement for young children and began interacting with Maria, the teacher and blogger behind it all.

Answering 10 Questions at 4Dancers

Catherine’s line of questioning reveals my motivation for blogging, gets into the nitty gritty of my work-at-home routine, and uncovers a few surprises. Most importantly, you will learn how to pronounce my crazy last name!!:-)