This Is Why I Bother

To those who aren’t dancers or teachers, all the little rules and details we observe and require of our students may seem silly or pointless. But we have our reasons and they’re illustrated in Melanie Doskocil’s final entry for the year in Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files.

What a Candy Cane Can Teach About The Virtues of a Dancer

Young ballet dancers gain integral qualities that lead to success, not only in dance, but in life. Guest and School of the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Director, Melanie Doskocil describes for readers two occasions when it was clear her students had discovered important life lessons – ones that will carry them far toward a successful future.

Pushing Beyond Your Limitations

Some lessons stay with us for life. In this installment of Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files, Melanie Doskocil talks about a particularly difficult rehearsal and the lesson mentor and choreographer, Alonzo King, taught her about limits and giving more when you think you’ve given it all.