Do I Have To Be In Shape To Start Taking Dance Class?

Are you a teen or adult wanting to start dance classes? Find out if some physical preparation is needed before you enroll in your first dance lesson.

Reverse Black Swan Syndrome

Ballet has a reputation for causing eating disorders. Cloud & Victory founder, Min, tells how ballet helped her recover from one. #whydancematters

Writers Offer Dance Wardrobe Wisdom

Fellow bloggers share their “Wardrobe Wisdom” with posts on tutu-wearing teachers, classwear for adult dancers, dress code, advice for male dancers, and more. Plus, share your thoughts or links in our comments!

Adult Ballet’s Dark Side

Every class has one… or two. That student that gets on your nerves or ruffles your feathers. Teachers of adult dancers are no exception and when certain students cause stress or strain in the classroom environment, a teacher just needs to vent a little. If you are a teacher, you will recognize some of the “personalities” our anonymous author presents. If you are a student, well, we hope you don’t resemble these students.

Do You Blog About Dance? Be One of the Top 20 of 2011

Enter your blog in our 2nd Annual Top Dance Blog contest. Real readers will choose their favorite blogs according to category and overall popularity. However, no blog is too small and every participant has something to gain, including a chance to engage and grow your audience. Don’t miss out! Enter now or share the event with your favorite dance blogger.