Will Your Site Be A Top Dance Blog of 2010?

Top Dance Blogs of 2010

Engage your readers and find out why they love you. This is valuable to blog owners no matter your readership or chances to be a Top Dance Blog. Even if you don’t qualify for the top ten or twenty, you’ll enter 2011 with encouragement to keep blogging!

Giving Thanks Giveaway 2010: Dances To Go

Dances To Go logo - Our Perfection is your Performance

DancesToGo wants to give away $25 dollar gift-certificates to 3 different Dance Advantage readers. With prices ranging from $1.99 to 3.99 per download, this will buy a number of routines for use in your classes.

Dancers Can Take a Cue from Fall Runways

Fashion Week Pics from STYLEMOM.com

Whether you are a dance student or dance teacher, you can have fun with your class attire and incorporate your own style with what’s in this season. Here are some of the biggest trends from Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week and how you can take them from the runway to the studio.

Bessie’s Back

Photo of Carmen deLavallade with Mark Panzarino at the 2010 bessies

Undoubtedly, the most exciting moment of the evening was Ms. Sexton and Mr. Mizrahi recognizing the ensemble members of Paradigm with a Bessie for “(bringing) into vibrant focus the essence of what it means to dance.” Honored were Artistic Director Gus Solomons Jr. (who called for the tripling of the size of the Bessie committee, to be able to include more works in the selection process!), Carmen deLavallade, Dudley Williams, Valda Setterfield, Michael Blake, Hope Clark, and Keith Sabado.

Summing Up The Summit

Dance Teacher Summit -- NYC

Instead of actual snapshots I’m sharing some of the thoughts and impressions I picked up along the yellow brick road. I hope you’ll use, think about, or act upon these little nuggets from the Dance Teacher Summit. I had a great time collecting them for you.

Who Wants To Rock The Vote In These Online Dance Contests?

My Mutation Online Dance Competition

The winner will score the ultimate prize of rehearsing with Kate Champion to bring his/her unique performance to life at the screening of Footloose on September 26. In addition to the thrill of performing live at Sydney Opera House, the winner will receive $2,000, a SONY HD flash Handycam camcorder, as well as a SONY ‘Bloggie’ HD snap camera.

Answering 10 Questions at 4Dancers


Catherine’s line of questioning reveals my motivation for blogging, gets into the nitty gritty of my work-at-home routine, and uncovers a few surprises. Most importantly, you will learn how to pronounce my crazy last name!!:-)