Summer Dance (the novel) Giveaway

We’re celebrating our 800th post with a giveaway!

If you’re searching for summer reading, Lynn Swanson‘s Summer Dance, a delightful Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards winner, is a great choice for dance lovers of all ages.

Summer Dance by Lynn Swanson

Available for Kindle

Author Lynn Swanson portrays the hard-won accomplishments of tween and teenage girls as they cope with life-changing artistic and social events at a dance camp. Set in the northern Michigan woods, the novel tells the story of 13-year-old Sara, who has been accepted into an exclusive dance program for the summer, and how the challenges of boys, dance and friends help her realize what she wants in life and in a future dance career.

“Summer Dance” contains a glossary of dance terms and a study guide. It is filled with dance music readily available on the market to enhance readers’ experience of the story, such as “Swan Lake,” “Les Patineurs,” “Les Sylphides,” “Nutcracker” and Kronos Quartet’s “Pieces of Africa.” [More at PR NewsChannel]

One reviewer recently described the novel as “a gem,” with inspirational characters whose “abilities and dedication is inspirational, but done in a such a subtle manner that it is never preachy.”

I couldn’t agree more. This is what I had to say after reading Summer Dance: “In the midst of tough competition and very authentic episodes of teenage drama, the characters develop… well… character, learning and demonstrating ways to get along and even work together.”

Read more from my interview with Lynn Swanson to learn about the places, dance programs, and people who inspired Summer Dance.

If you’re spending this summer at home, you can still experience summer dance at Lakewood with Sara. If you’ll be away, this is definitely a book to pack in your summer intensive suitcase.

Summer Dance is sold at (paperback and for Kindle),,, and now dancewear stores across the U.S. and in England.

But you can win your very own copy right here at Dance Advantage.

Here’s how to enter:

Summer Dance by Lynn SwansonComment on this post, telling us about your best summer dance experience.

(If you haven’t ever had a summer dance experience, that’s ok, tell us which summer dance camp or program you’d like to attend someday.)

You have until NOON (EST) Tuesday, June 25 to leave your comment. At that time 2 winners will be randomly selected to receive one paperback copy of Summer Dance by Lynn Swanson.

The nitty gritty: You must live in the U.S. or Canada and be at least 18 years old to participate in this giveaway. Read our giveaway policy.

Best of luck!

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  1. Tequila Mockingbird says:

    My best summer camp was actually working as a techie for ballet at the Banff Centre. I learned that it was okay to be a boy and take ballet. It was freeing and empowering.
    As soon as I got home I signed up for class and never looked back.
    Even with my disability I still take ballet.

  2. My best summer dance experience was definitely Boston Ballet School. Beautiful town, great dance friends, great teachers! I was In Heaven!

  3. My best experience was in the city park where I grew up, with all my family and friends around. It was a wonderful, free moment on stage in the pavilion. I had an excellent mentor then!

  4. Many moons ago I did a dancing summer school with a couple of dancing friends. It was extremely hard work and we woke up the first morning barely able to move 🙁 After the third morning though our muscles seemed resigned to the abuse they were facing and gave up trying to complain and just went with it. An absolutely fantastic week was had and loads of amazing mentors and dance styles to learn, just loved it. Now I’m looking for somewhere local that does something similar so my students can have the same experience I did 😀

  5. Jeana Laney says:

    I’m from Michigan and I was able to spend a summer in the northern woods of Interlochen Arts camp in the dance program. This was one of the best summers and changed the course of my of my life. This book would inspire my students and would be fun for me to read too!