Strange Sounds Dancers’ Bodies Make

Click, crack, pop! Can you relate? Yes, you can…

Clicking Feet

Click. Click. Double click. No, it’s not my computer mouse. It’s my feet! What’s your superpower?

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Crunching Knees

No, it doesn’t feel as bad as it sounds. Actually, it doesn’t feel like much at all, usually. But, yeah, it sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?

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Popping Knees

Not to be confused with crunching knees. A more dramatic sound effect, certain to terrify innocent bystanders.

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Popping Hips

Rest assured, no joints are dislocated in the process…

Popping Ankles

Yes, there’s a pattern here. Any joint that can pop, probably will pop.

Sweat Squelch

100% chance of perspiration precipitation…Slip, slide, squeak.

Cracking Back

Don’t let the term fool you. Few things are more therapeutic. In fact, it’s a daily necessity, like food, water, and YouTube dance video binges.

Cracking Neck

Almost as essential as cracking your back. If it doesn’t happen during class, you will make it happen on your own, whatever it takes…

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Rachel Hellwig
Rachel Hellwig is a dance writer/editor/blogger from Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys taking ballet classes, reading about dance, and attending live performances of ballet and classical music. She blogs at: You can also follow her on Twitter: @ivyalso and Instagram: @rachelhellwig
Rachel Hellwig
Rachel Hellwig

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