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Petite Feet is a 26-minute DVD that uses engaging and imaginative exercises, games and stories to introduce children to basic ballet positions and vocabulary, as well as general dance and musical concepts.

Liz, a Theatre Studies graduate of Yale and Yaledancers alum, is an early childhood educator who taught ballet, yoga and theater for over nine years in New York City and is now offering classes in LA. She is a strong believer in arts education and in promoting physical well-being and opportunities for artistic expression to people of all backgrounds.

“For years parents have been asking me to put my dance classes on a DVD because their children want to practice every day,” Liz says. So she decided to draw from her experience as a trained actor, as well as a dancer and teacher, to create Petite Feet.

Focusing on the creative potential of dance and its storytelling possibilities, Petite Feet encourages children between the ages of 2-5 to learn fundamental and age-appropriate ballet steps, to build confidence and coordination, and, of course, to have fun.

“Not only does my 3-year-old enjoy this video, it is quite possibly her favorite thing EVER.” – Ariana Smart Truman, mother to George

“It’s a totally relaxed approach to ballet with heavy emphasis on storytelling and imagination — making it a great introduction for little ones.” – Nicole Caccavo Kear, Creator of A Mom Amok

The Giveaway

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Liz would like to give away a Petite Feet DVD to THREE Dance Advantage readers.

The DVD (which Dance Advantage reviewed here) incorporates activities, grounded in Laban Movement Analysis, that playfully connect movement education to everyday learning. It offers a gender neutral ballet experience that, like Liz’s classes, is enjoyed by girls and boys alike.

Featuring original music by Doran Danoff and a colorful set, along with the Story of the Dancing Dolls (written by Liz) and some help from Waldo the Walrus, Petite Feet offers an active alternative to the DVDs in any child’s collection as well as to the programs on children’s television.

This DVD retails for $20. Watch the trailer below:

The Petite Feet giveaway is open worldwide (non-expedited) to those 18 and up and closes at Midnight EST on Thursday, February 16.

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  1. Chasity Owens says:

    I want this!!! Sounds great for the tinies at the studio I teach at!

  2. I personally don’t have children but I have been teaching for 12 years and plan to own a dance studio this coming July. In a dance class I love to incorporate as much everyday learning as possible as well as fun.

  3. This looks great! Dance classes at this age should be fun, and this video seems to have lots of it!

  4. I would love to make this available to students as a supplement to their classes! I don’t have children but one thing I hear most often is that parents love our children’s teacher because she instills a love of dance that lasts a lifetime.

  5. I look for a fun & inviting atmosphere for my child to dance in, where the other dancers look like they are enjoying themselves through movement and using their imaginations. Tying in familiar characters and themes from books and movies for the younger child is a great way to engage them and spark a love of dance!

  6. Annette Thompson says:

    I want this dvd!! I love the teachers great expressions and technique!!

  7. I like to see the children’s imaginations captivated and inspired. I look for a class where the children are happy and not even aware they are learning because they are having so much fun! 🙂 I would so love this DVD!! Thank you!

  8. Clare Johnson says:

    As a teacher of dance for 3-4 yr olds, I feel that a teacher should understand age appropriate movement. Continual use of the children’s imagination and making sure they are having fun are ways they will learn better.

    • Clare Johnson says:

      I would love to have this DVD as I am always looking for more understanding as to how to teach my students better.

  9. I look for a teacher who keeps the littlest kids engaged and who has a good sense of humor. If the kids are smiling and happy while learning at this age, then I know they will retain more. When the dancers are older and they are self-motivating, when they remember how their teacher put imaginary jewels on their shoes when they were little, or had them pretend to be birds or fairies or butterflies, it will lighten the load of perfecting multiple pirouettes in hours of practice.

  10. Leisa Clayton says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. Leisa

  11. I look for the enthusiasim of the instructor and how they break down the little movements into something fun to learn that, by the end of each class, builds into something each child can be proud to have learned while smiling all the way.

  12. I like how this DVD comes off as so positive so my kids will have a positive feeling towards dance now and in the future always !

  13. Looks like there are a lot of great teaching ideas for children on this dvd that could be applied to other forms of dance.

  14. As a Teaching Artist I like to LEAP into all my classes! L- Love , I make sure that the children get a sense of how much I love what I am doing and how much I love them! E- Enthusiasim , I make every little detail a BIG deal. Everyone leaves my class with a positive achievement no matter how small. A- Artistic , We are all artistic, sometimes it just needs to be encouraged and nurtured with time. P- Passion , Passionate teaching inspires a passion for the Arts! This is the only way to keep the Arts Alive!

  15. I would LOVE to share this with my students and their parents! Thank You for the wonderful tools to continue our mission as Teaching Atrists!

  16. wendy wallach says:

    I look for a supportive atmosphere

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  17. This looks great! My kiddo has a speech disorder, so I look for an attitude of understanding differences without placing limitations.

  18. I feel it is very important that while having fun, they learn correct technique from day 1. I do realise it is a challenge for teachers to systematically point to individual errors, but it is so important. I am personally struggling because at 38 of age, many smaller errors in my technique have accumulated over the years to chronic injuries. In trying to resolve those, it turns out that many of those injuries could have been avoided, if only I had been aware of my faults and how to correct them. Eg. pulling up my arches too much lead to chronic plantar fasciitis and shin splints. I do so want to avoid this for my 2 girls.

  19. marcus sutherland says:

    I would just love to win this I have 3 little ones!

  20. I have owned my studio for 18 years now. When my children were young and not just dancing with me I would look for a teacher who was creative enthusiastic, and educated on the correct way to teach young children.

  21. I look for an enthusiatic teacher and small class sizes.

  22. Kristina Gruno says:

    I look for a competent teacher as well as if they kids are having fun!

  23. Classes for young children should be fun and engaging, while also teaching developmently appropriate technique.

  24. My nieces are just starting dance class now. What their mother and I were looking for was a teacher with a lot of patience and the ability to make the basics fun and not boring.

  25. In both the classes that I teach and the classes that I sign my daughters up for, I find myself looking for someone (or striving to be) INSPIRATIONAL. An environment that is safe and positive, that nurtures their creativity, while challenging them.

  26. this looks fantastic!! Engaging imagination in kids is very important

  27. I have a young granddaughter and if I were to look for a class it would need to be fun and engaging.

  28. Kids need fun, and a feeling of engagement/belonging. There need to be a lot of smiles in the studio, as soon as we walk in the door!

  29. My daughters are 10 & 14 & have been dancing since 3. When I first started looking, I wanted something near by with teachers that had structure & a good value for the money.

    Now I would recommend finding a place you are comfortable sitting at. You have to pay attention to not only the owner/teacher staff but the other kids & even the parents. We were at one studio for 2 very long years & the issues were more with the dancers & parents & the teachers not having any control over these kids/parents then anything else.

    Plus of course you have to be at a studio that challenges your child. If they are constantly put into classes they are learning nothing in, what is the point. Make sure the studio doesn’t judge on silly things like height, etc (yes that happened one year to me & I see it all the time).

  30. Diana Hatch says:

    I think a dance class should be fun while teaching them basic dance steps