Inspired By Dancers, Active Apparel by MPG®

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Garments that feel and look so great on, you will want to wear them for everyday use.

MPG® seamlessly fuses performance and technical fabrications in fashion forward and stylish applications to create a full collection of activewear apparel that is unparalleled in conception and construction.

The Mondetta brand strives to bring nations and people together. The name, Mondetta, is synonymous with harmony and diversity: ‘Monde’ is French for ‘world’ and the Latin suffix ‘etta’ means ‘small’ – thus, ‘small world’.

Founded nearly twenty-five years ago, the Mondetta brand has evolved into an established collection of casual wear, outerwear and specialized niche apparel.

Mondetta Performance Gear, MPG, continued Mondetta’s tradition of always evolving by taking its Mondetta Sport line one step forward to create a line of clothing that could both meet the demands of athletes, while still adhering to the company’s core principles of fashion forward styling. Accentuated with active details such as stretchability, moisture wicking and breathability, MPG activewear apparel strikes a perfect balance between form and function.

IMAGE MPG Messenger and NYCB principal, Ashley Bouder IMAGE

Ashley Bouder, Principal, New York City Ballet (Courtesy MPG)

Ash Modha, CEO and Head Designer, gleaned much of the initial inspiration for MPG from his wife, a ballet dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and her friends’ desire for activewear that performed well but didn’t sacrifice comfort. The dancers became their focus group, test market and, because of their heavy involvement in the arts, could be trusted for their aesthetic sensibilities. MPG has continued to use dancers, instead of models, in nearly every photo shoot since its inception. These MPG Messengers are dancers from across North America including New York City Ballet principal, Ashley Bouder (pictured above left), dancers of the Pacific Northwest Ballet including principal, Maria Chapman (pictured below), and contemporary dance companies, RUBBERBANDance Group, Spectrum Dance Theater, and Whim W’Him Dance company.

IMAGE PNB principal, MariaChapman for MPG IMAGE

Maria Chapman - Principal, Pacific Northwest Ballet - (Courtesy MPG)

Consistently meticulous attention to superior quality and design of its product and a continual commitment of marketing resources has allowed Mondetta to enjoy very high recognition in its native Canada. In recent years, as yoga and active lifestyle apparel has grown in popularity, MPG has begun to make waves right across North America.

IMAGE Mondetta Charity Foundation logo IMAGENotably, four principal members of the Mondetta Clothing Company were born in Uganda and Kenya. Therefore unable and unwilling to stand by and watch as thousands of young children succumb to the ravages of the AIDS epidemic that has devastated so much of the African continent, the Mondetta Clothing Company joined the efforts of individuals and organizations such as Bono, lead singer of rock group U2, Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

With compassion and hope to raise awareness of the daily and lifelong struggles children face against the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the Mondetta Charity Foundation (MCF), a completely separate entity from the Mondetta Clothing Company, was established.

To date, MCF has adopted the New Life Home orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya and the Kamwokya Primary School in Kampala, Uganda. By supporting these two facilities directly, children left without homes or living with HIV/AIDS have access to the security, education and medical attention they need and deserve.

MPG proudly features the MPG Gives Back program. This benefit speaks of Going Forward by Giving Back, as 1% of annual gross revenue from this clothing line is pledged to the MCF.

The Mondetta Charity Foundation was created on the mandate that all operating and administrative costs would be born by the parent company thereby allowing all donations to be utilized in a strictly charitable capacity.

The Giveaway

IMAGE Savvy Tank (back) by Mondetta Performance Gear IMAGEIMAGE Savvy Tank (front) - Mondetta Performance Gear IMAGEMondetta Performance Gear wants to give away the Savvy Tank to TWO DA readers.

Savvy is a sparkle jersey workout tank with contrast laser cut details, a built-in full-support Coolmax bra liner with removable cups, a high visibility logo, and a unique back key pocket with invisible zipper.

With four-way stretch, moisture wicking, and quick-drying fabric, Savvy is recommended for light to heavy workouts, yoga, running, tennis, or training but this subtle, attractive design would even look sharp worn casually with a great scarf, blazer, and dark denim.

The MPG giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, ages 18 and up and closes at Midnight EST on Tuesday, February 21.

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  1. Versatility is most important to me. I often go from teaching, to rehearsing, to dinner with friends. I need something acceptable and comfortable for all occassions!

  2. for me, fit is most important. I’m not as svelte as the average dancer, so until I train back down to that size, I need rehearsal clothing that remains well fitted from the beginning to the end of rehearsal.

  3. Length and coverage! I teach a lot and want to know that everything’s going to *ahem* stay in place when I’m demonstrating. I’m required to wear black, red, or navy for teaching, so color is also of obvious importance.

  4. Length and breathability. The more it can wick, the better.

  5. I just a beginning {as an adult} dancer, but I’d say coverage and support in the bust area.

  6. Comfort & durability.

  7. I usually pay closest attention to the comfort, fit, and design of my dancewear; I don’t want to be distracted by uncomfortable clothing in class when I should be focused on the lesson, and when I love the design and fit of my dancewear, the excitement of wearing it is a great motivator to get me to class when I’m feeling lazy!

  8. Coverage and fit – I don’t want to be adjusting my clothes for an entire ballet class!

  9. I’d say fit and versatility is most important. I’m not in as good of shape, nor as slender, as a professional dancer, but I want my clothes to make me look good. I want them to adjust to my body type, feel great, and continue to look good as I get better and better. A little, hm, “assistance” in the bust area always helps too :-).

  10. Holly Chernoff says:

    moisture wicking material is the most important for me, I really work up a sweat in class 🙂

  11. I would have to say fit is the most important for me. I have an extremely long torso and find it very hard to find dance clothing that gives enough coverage. When I am teaching I don’t want to have cleavage showing or a be pulling out a wedgie. The comfort of the fabric is most important that it has good wicking properties.

  12. I’d be lying if I said price wasn’t the first consideration. But I also want it to fit properly, cover me even when I move and twist. And I want it to be durable, withstanding multiple wash cycles and not fade or pill or start to lose shape.

  13. The fit is most important to me.. If it fits right ,then it is comfortable and looks good

  14. My favorite dancewear to teach in retains it’s original shape after many washings and fits close to my body and has enough support (if its a top).

  15. I think it’s important to wear tanks that are long enough to cover while in motion yet comfortable enough that you don’t have to think about it.

  16. I like the clothes to fit well and be flattering because it gives an extra boost of confidence. It’s also important to have quality fabric so the clothes are comfortable and long-wearing.

  17. Cut, fabric, and function are most important to me when it comes to workout gear. And I love MPG!

  18. I like apparel that are soft and comfortable, yet long lasting for a good price.

  19. I need good perspiration-wicking, nonshrinking and form-fitting rehearsal/teaching clothes

  20. I like dance clothes that stay where they should. I don’t like having to adjust my clothing while i teach. Fun colors are always a plus 🙂

  21. For me it has to make me feel good, be tasteful (no belly button showing or cleavage) and it has to be made of lasting materials. I used to use Gap tank hops but they fall apart after 10 washings. I want something that will last me a couple of years!

  22. I like a neckline that is not too low, so I don’t have to keep pulling it up to cover cleavage. Also a tank or top need to stay snug around the hips and not shorten up or become wide with washing. Your styling looks great.

  23. I look for clothing that wicks away sweat quickly, and is snug, but not too tight fitting that I can’t focus on what I’m doing.

  24. longevity! I feel like I wear out my clothes so quickly and are always replacing them. Sometimes I think it’s worth spending just a little bit more to get good quality clothing.

  25. Suzanne Hill says:

    Fit and coverage.

  26. Durability…I need something that will last!

  27. The most important thing to me is fit and durability.

    reejen5 at gmail dot com

  28. The most important things to me are that it won’t shift around and need to be adjusted, and that it won’t get a hole quickly, even if I’m doing a lot of floor work.

  29. Fit, coverage, color and durability are the most important qualities to me. I also like when fabric feels nice to touch.

  30. Fit and cost are the two big ones for me. I am very tall, so I need something that will be long enough.