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Here are the upcoming topics, due dates, and relevant information:

Topic: The Qualities of a Great Teacher

Due: September 25

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Look for it: October 1



Topic: Wardrobe Wisdom (dance costume or dance fashion tips/ideas)

Due: October 23

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Look for it: October 30



Topic:Best Dance Gift EVER!

Due:November 13

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Look for it: November 21



Topic: Here are my Top 5 Blog Posts – This is why they rock!

(okay, this one’s especially for bloggers but everyone will get to brag a little)

Due: January 22

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Look for it: January 30



Topic: The Most Fabulous Performance I Ever Saw

Due: February 19

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Look for it: February 27



Topic: My Thoughts On Dance In The Mainstream

Due: March 19

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Look for it: March 27



Topic: My Fantasy Dance Class Playlist

Due: April 16

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Look for it: April 24


Blogger submission

What you DO NOT have to do:
  • You DO NOT have to write a brand new post if you already have avery relevant post on the subject. However, I do ask that the post be less than a year old. (If it’s not, you could always polish, update, and republish an older one.)
  • You DO NOT have to be a dance blogger to submit a post if it fits our topic and is appropriate for all ages.
  • You DO NOT even have to link back here if you don’t want to. Though linking is awesome for us both, it’s not required.
What you DO have to do:
  • Submit by the due date listed above
  • Submit using the form linked to above
  • Provide all of the necessary information
  • Enjoy yourself!

Hope to meet you in the Circle!

Nichelle (admin)
Nichelle Suzanne began Dance Advantage in 2008, equipped with a passion for movement education and an intuitive sense that a blog could bring dancers together. Nichelle holds a BA in dance and is an instructor with more than 17 years experience. She covers dance performance in the Houston area as a freelance writer and balances daily life as a mom to two young children. In June 2012, Nichelle presented the whats, hows, and whys of blogging on a panel at the annual conference for Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance, to better equip artists and companies for engaging their audience and new readers through online communications and content.
Nichelle (admin)
Nichelle (admin)
Nichelle (admin)

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