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Welcome to Day 2! Our first giveaway is from TenduTV.

The world of dance at your command.

TenduTV logoTenduTV delivers dance programming to every screen imaginable, from your iPod and mobile phone to your living room television.

A few years ago, TenduTV founder, Marc Kirschner was a consultant, helping content companies figure out all of the new technologies that were coming. He became very excited about the potential for HD and digital distribution.

Around the same time, Marc whose wife is a member of Jennifer Muller/The Works, came to the realization that dance had a distribution problem, but it was one of supply, not of demand. People love dance, but what was available to the home audience wasn’t enough, and the film quality wasn’t good enough.

“So,” Marc says, “three years ago, with a small shovel, we set out to move mountains, and now we’re giving audiences the dance programming they want at the quality they deserve.”

Here’s what you can win: wants to give away permanent downloads of ALL FOUR of the first titles they are making available on iTunes and Amazon ($70 value) to ONE Dance Advantage reader.

The two performance pieces, Dutch National Ballet’s Hans Van Manen Festival and Wayne McGregor | Random Dance’s Entity are the first dance performances to be available on iTunes, and will also be available in high-definition. Equally important, these are two of the most respected choreographers producing work today, and, according to Kirschner, “two of the most elegant performance captures we’ve seen.”

The Hans Van Manen Festival coverThe Dutch National Ballet produced the Hans Van Manen Festival to celebrate choreographer Hans Van Manen’s 75th birthday. Hans Van Manen was one of the first artistic directors of Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and has served as resident choreographer for both NDT and the Dutch National Ballet. The Festival includes performances from Dutch National Ballet, NDT II, the Kirov and the Bavarian State Ballet, all of which regularly feature Van Manen’s works.

Wayne McGregor | Random Dance's Entity coverReaders may remember Wayne McGregor (called “the closest thing to a rock star that ballet can currently claim” by the New York Times) from the documentary La Danse. While his work can be found in the repertory of companies such as New York City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and the Royal Ballet (where is he resident choreographer), to be able to watch his company perform is an experience. Entity toured the US earlier this year to resounding acclaim, and we’re excited about making this work accessible to a wider audience.

Essential Dance Film coverEssential Dance Film is the first in an ongoing series of collections of “dance film” or “screendance”, which are choreographic works produced specifically for the screen and not the stage. These nine films have toured the world, winning award after award. If you haven’t seen a lot of dance film, Essential Dance Film is your starter kit.

40 Years of One Night Stands postcard40 Years of One Night Stands is the ultimate real-life dance fairy tale. It’s the story of how two women started a ballet club in the middle of nowhere, and of how that company grew to become recognized around the world – The Royal Winnipeg Ballet. 40 Years is the “Little Engine that Could”, if the Little Engine wore pointe shoes. Alastair Macaulay said about the film “It brought tears to my eyes more than once just because its story… is so irresistible and, in human terms, so admirable”.

Please note that the titles being given away are not yet available for download. Expected delivery is early December (although some titles may arrive earlier). Winner will have the choice of whether or not to receive the downloads via iTunes or Amazon Video on Demand.

Wow, an amazing gift for any dance enthusiast!

How to enter:

Leave a comment at this post, answering the following: What would you like to see from TenduTV?

Is there a type of program you want to see? Is there a device you want to watch videos on? TenduTV wants to deliver, so any and all suggestions are welcome!

As TenduTV downloads via iTunes and Amazon are currently limited to North America, this giveaway is available to U.S. and Canadian readers only. The giveaway closes Saturday, November 13.

(Sincere apologies to those of you in other parts of the world. TenduTV hopes that distribution will soon be extended worldwide.)

Best of luck! Stay tuned for our second giveaway of the day this afternoon.

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Nichelle (owner/editor)
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  1. ultimately i would like to see ballet documentaries showing dancers in class, rehearsals and backstage- culminating in performance. interviews with dancers/choreographers/directors always a plus 🙂

  2. I would love to watch an entire class with a professional company. They manage to make exercises that we do every day look so elegant – they make such a simple thing an art form! Oh, and obviously lots of dancing 😛 Thanks Dance Advantage for this competition – i love me some freebies!

  3. Among many things that this exciting endeavor could include I’d like to see and inspirational compilation, speaking to dancers about their most inspiring work, dancer, choreographer or anything that gets them in the mindset and pushes them towards excellence (or just having fun). It would be nice to see the dancers in a personal light, instead of screen shades on the main stage.

  4. What would you like to see from TenduTV?..Anything dance is always great. I would love to see the behind the scenes. For instance watching a group of dancers go through an audition process for a show, rehearsals, staging and then the big night all behind the scenes. Then to have the actually live show performance to watch after would be amazing. I had seen a similar piece for Circus De Soleil’s KA. This was a great film to watch because you not only saw the dancers, you saw everything involved from set design and lighting affects. I would love to have some films like these to share with students. Thank you for the opportunity to receive some of your films. Happy Holidays!

  5. I would love to watch a full class and dress rehersal from a professional company.

  6. As an aspiring dance studio owner I would love to see anything that would help my students make it in the world of dance. The audition process, class etiquette, stretching exercises. Behind the scenes stuff is always great. Also anything tap related. It’s not so easy to find these days. Thank you for what you are doing for the dance community. Love it!!

  7. I love the ideas above of a full company class and class etiquette! But, as a tap teacher, I would love to see more videos of tap. I’m not sure if that falls under the mission of TenduTV, but it would definitely be useful for me. I only have one recording that I use in class of the Maury Povitch from the 1990’s that has some of the greats (Gregory Hines, Sandman, a young Savion) all together, but there isn’t much more of this type of programming out there.

  8. I would enjoy all dance related videos, but ballet is my first love! Dancer profiles, cross training programs for strength and overall fitness, full clssical ballet productions and instructional videos would all be great. My device choice would be the PC. I love freebies! 🙂

  9. What a great gift this is to all dancers. Thank you. I think it would be a great idea to keep dancers in the West abreast of what is going on in Europe and the rest of the world in Ballet, Modern Dance – in fact any dance. Would love all Netherlands Dance Theatre work. Thanks again.

  10. I love the ideas of being able to watch a professional class – even better would be a video to follow along with in studio! I would love to see a piece on dancers through the audition/competition process, in order to see what they go through, and what others could expect when going through their own audition!

  11. Katherine D. says:

    I’d love to see a service where you could view online videos of full dance pieces and/or programs for a small price. It would also be awesome if you could also discuss the work(s) viewed with others in the form of an online discussion board so that a critical dance community could be created and ideas/reactions could be shared.

  12. I would love to see videos about collegiate dance programs to help students who are graduating from high school as they are trying to figure out which program is best for them.

  13. Thank you for this opportunity and I would agree that “all things dance” are fantastic and can be a great teaching tool online/DVD…. in wanting more ways to inspire my students….I love Sarah’s thoughts on a behind thre scenes look into college programs…this is something that is desperatly needed out there….Also, something going a bit deeper into the acting aspect of dance and dance performance….possibly looking at working professionals in all areas, Broadway, Modern companies, etc… that can give detail on how they tap into their characters, express themselves through their movement in physical and emotional ways…this can be a challenging area for teens and insight would be wonderful….
    thank you!

  14. What would you like to see from TenduTV?

    I’d like to see a documentary or series on street dancers. There are many very very talented street performers in various genres and it’d be very interesting to learn more about them and the general movement of street performance.

  15. Marc has been really committed to bringing high quality dance within reach of anyone with a desire so I’m glad to see all his success. Rest assured, anything you get or buy from them will be great in it’s own right. The winner would be *very* lucky indeed.

  16. I am finding that as dance educators we get so caught up in making sure students are training/competeting/performing to the level we want them to be that we sometimes neglect educating them on the importance of dance history.
    I am constantly amazed when I hear that sr.students don’t know who Baryshnikov or Gregory Hines are(never mind the great dancers that influenced them), have never seen a Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire movie and don’t know the history of hip hop dance styles. It’s up to us to pass along this important part of a dancers education and I would love to see tenduetv do some history pieces that teachers could use.

  17. I would love to get advice from professional dancers about their transitions into the dance world. What they would do differently and what advice they would give to students

  18. I love the artist interviews TenduTV has been doing. It’s always nice to hear dancers speak in their own voice and gain insight to how and what they think. The individual personalities are what make the dance world so great!

  19. 1st off let me tell you I love this website and I love freebies and freebies love me. Tendu TV is a great source of dance footage for a dance teacher to share with her students. Would love to see classroom rehearsals to performances. We need more clips on jazz and tap performances.

  20. I’d love to see a mix of genres, with a mix of the “historical” and contemporary. We need to see everything from the likes of the Copasetics and Fonteyn to the latest and hottest!

  21. I’d like to see rehearsals for dance performances with live music, where the company, choreographer, lighting engineers, and musicians are working out the kinks, improvising, and elaborating together.

  22. It would be wonderful to show my dancers clips of choreographers talking about their work… their creative process. In addition, any material showing choreographers & dancers talking about how the other arts (poetry, visual art, etc.) have inspired them as a dance artist would be powerful for my dancers as well.
    Thank you!

  23. Cait Hughes says:

    I would love to see ‘behind the scenes’ in an audition – to hear what the company directors comments are – why they take certain dancers, which ones they crossed off their list right away… that sort of thing.

  24. I’d be interested in short (1 minute) daily videos that arrive via link in email, which gives a snippet of what’s available so I can follow up and watch more if my interest is stimulated. I rarely have time to go in search of things to watch, but when someone makes a recommendation, or sends me a short clip of something, it often leads to a wonderful exploration of all things dance. If you start this kind of daily email, sign me up. Remember: if the videos are longer than a minute, I might not watch. And if the link doesn’t work well or there is annoying advertising (esp the kind that obscures the video) I may stop watching. But I’ll take a chance on whatever is presented if it is under a minute and will be grateful when I’m entertained, stimulated or just interested – and will be joyous when I see something that really inspires me.

  25. I can’t think what I would NOT like to see. The world of dance is so wide and wonderful with so much to explore. I personally would love to see that dvd of the Royal Winnepeg Ballet as I had a student who became a member of their company. BTW. I love freebies.

  26. These are all great suggestions, thank you.

    @Gladys – You’ll be happy to know there is a NDT performance as part of the Hans Van Manen Festival. We’re also bringing in a lot from Europe, I think we’ll make you very happy.
    @Christina, @rachel You might enjoy a series we distribute called “DancePulp” – wonderful footage of the company from the 40’s and 50’s in the documentary.
    @chad Thanks!
    @Catherine – are you a fan of our facebook page? We frequently post clips there.

  27. Diana Nicastro says:

    Dear Marc, Wow! This is great. Just what dancers, teachers, choreographers, studio owners & STUDENTS are craving. In these times when funding for ARTS programing seems to be disappearing in the blink of an eye…..this would be an amazing resource. I would love to see works by Regional, National & European companies… this is the next best thing to traveling the globe…and a lot more affordable. Many of us live is areas where there are very few performance opportunities. In addition to performances I would love a feature about the History of Dance. I am a ballet & modern teacher and I find that hardly any of my students have knowledge of people who shaped the dance world. They barely know names of dancers like Barishikov….and names like Martha Graham & Frederick Ashton are a foreign language…..let alone dancers like Nijinsky. I would also love a selection of programs devoted to Legends of Teaching – Master Teachers working today sharing their philosophy and approach to training. Can’t wiat! oh…and I just love Freebies!. Warm regards. Diana

  28. Jessica Bouldrey says:

    I would love to see something about auditions and how a dancers goes through auditions and how a company makes their decisions about what dancers they take on and why they don’t take others. I feel this kind of information would be a great resource for up coming dancers.
    This is a great freebie! Thanks so much for this blog!

  29. WOW! So great to hear about TenduTv through this website! I think it would be great to watch videos from my computer! This would have been really great when teaching at the home school coalition!
    Thanks! 🙂

  30. I would like to see programs about the great schools of the US/world. This would include discussions re how they select students, how they train them and what distinguishes them from other schools. These should show students at all levels as well as discuss alumni. Look forward to seeing your stuff as it comes out.