People for whom I have a great deal of respect have had some very kind things to say about Dance Advantage and myself. It’s somewhat uncomfortable and definitely humbling to share these generous words with you. However I can think of no better evidence of the reliability of this resource than the expressions of these fine people who are doing wonderful things in the dance community every day. I hope you will read these and be encouraged to discover for yourself the dedication to dance which powers this unique online space.

Dance Instructors and Readers

“Your article helped me put it into perspective for her and gave me tools that allowed her to show her feelings and also look at it from a different angle. She seems to be moving past it and is still interested in dancing in the fall. It also helped that she passed her level in swimming over the weekend, so she got some bad news and some good news! Thanks again! I’m definately going to follow your blog as she continues to dance.

A dance mom, after reading and applying our advice on Helping Dancers Deal With Disappointment

“Nichelle Strzepek is a powerful voice in the dance world and I hold her in the highest regard. She is a dance advocate, writer, performer, teacher and choreographer who believes in the beauty and importance of movement and dance for all.

Camille Monson, Dance Instructor

“Nichelle has been an inspiration to me in many ways. I have had the pleasure of meeting Nichelle online through social networking. Her work is so creative and informative, you will be encouraged to follow in her footsteps just by reading her blog.”

Leslea Clark, Assistant Director/ Dance Instructor, Uptown Dance Studio

“I just wanted to say thank you so very much for creating these wonderful articles, I have been in the position of so many of them & have forwarded a lot on to my dance teacher for her studio back at home. I know I will turn to them again and again for determination and inspiration to keep trying at the dream I love; dancing, singing & performing”

Liz Evans, Australian dance student


“Nichelle is a typical dancer: overworked, underpaid, and passionate to her own fault. Truthfully, I was shocked to learn that Dance Advantage is the result of one woman’s work…. one would think that she had a team of writers, editors, and web designers working for her! As a columnist for Dance Advantage and a newbie to the virtual dance community, I have learned so much from her in a short time, and am grateful for the professionalism and personality she brings to the table. Highly, highly recommended!

Lauren Warnecke, Art Intercepts

“Dance Advantage is an all inclusive dance website with well written blogs, dance links and information for all stages of dance life. I recommend this site highly and I visit it often! You should do the same!”

Stacey Pepper Scwartz, Founder and Director, Leaping Legs Creative Movement Programs

“Nichelle and I worked together to organize a CD give away contest for dance teachers. From the beginning Nichelle presented a personal and professional approach working with me, and was very helpful in helping promote my business to her fellow colleagues. I highly recommend Nichelle to anyone who wishes to be involved with her website ‘Dance Advantage’ and to share their artistry and talents with her and the large following of artists who are affiliated with her.”

Richard Maddock, Composer/pianist/accompanist/recording artist - www.richardmaddock.com


“Nichelle is a gift to the dance and writing world! Nichelle over delivers – a quality rarely found! You want to have Nichelle on your team. I highly endorse and recommend her.”

Suzanne Gerety, Co-founder DanceStudioOwner.com

“Nichelle has created an amazing resource for dancers and dance teachers. She stays on top of technology and offers wonderful information, insights, and tools to take your dancing to the next level!

Deborah Vogel, Owner, The Body Series

Fellow Writers and Bloggers

“Nichelle is a breath of fresh air, with her intelligent writing and amazing resources, this is one dance blogger that you can not miss out on! She displays creative and new ideas everyday on Dance Advantage, and I always have a big smile on my face when I see a post in my inbox.

Maria Hanley, Owner, Educator, Maria’s Movers

“Dance Advantage is one of the most comprehensive resources I have seen online for dancers, dance teachers, parents and others involved in dance. Nichelle examines a wide variety of subjects in depth and provides a web-based community that serves her readership in many ways. I am always careful with what resources I recommend in the dance world, and I can say without hesitation that there is excellent information to be had on this site, and that Nichelle provides wonderful insights on dance for her readers.”

Catherine L. Tully, Editor, 4dancers

“Nichelle is a pioneer in the dance-blogging society, and a great inspiration. With a well educated and experienced background, she approaches all kinds of dance – and especially teaching those – with a great enthusiasm! Her DanceAdvantage blog is a great resource for teachers, dancers and the parents of dancers, somewhere you are sure to get reliable and good advice from true professionals. My best recommendations!”

Henrik Lamark, Author, Tightsandtiaras.com

“I was immediately impressed with both her professionalism and her passion for dance. She’s been of great assistance to me during my process of getting my website and blog up and running, and we’ve exchanged information on many occasions regarding how wonderful dance is for the human body.”

Nancy Welker, CEO/Editor, Nutrabeautiful, Inc.

“Nichelle offers an honest and real perspective of the dance world. She truly cares for her profession and you know that quickly when you browse her blog. Well worth the time. I am honored to be acquainted with her.”

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CEO, Mental Performances

“Nichelle is focused, driven and detail-oriented. The passion she has is evidenced by the quality of her work.”

Lakita Humber, Paneh Praise Dance Ministry

“Nichelle has developed an incredible resource for the dance community. The articles on DanceAdvantage are well written and the site in general is well organized and rich with content. Nichelle has been nothing but responsive, helpful and candid with her quick responses to my inquiries both on and off the DanceAdvantage site.”

Lisa ‘Mati’ Arya, Coaching, Marketing and Branding, The MatiCorp

Birds of a Feather, Flocking on Twitter