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We know, if you’re visiting for the first time the amount of information this site has to offer can seem overwhelming. So, we built a special page just for you. Get Started.

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For the most part, Dance Advantage is a one-woman show. With the exception of our gracious columnists, who each currently contribute 6-12 posts a year, and the work of guest contributors, everything you see here is carefully edited, maintained, and issued by me… Nichelle. I manage the site, write a lot of articles, answer a ton of email, brainstorm, compile, organize, and do my best to maintain a “real life” offline. Why? Find out here.

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I like to help. That’s why I’m here. However, if you want to email me, you’ll have to exercise some patience as I must once in a while surface from behind this computer to spend time with my family.

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Congratulate yourself for recognizing this U2 reference. Then contact me. Let me know what you want or need from me!

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