College Bound – Your Career in Dance

Being a university dance alum myself, it is my desire to help new and future college students with their transition to studying dance in a university setting. I have already posted topics on this subject, however, if you are new to the blog you may not know about them so I thought I’d do a little re-post compiling the articles. Also, I’d like to provide you with resources for further investigation. Check out the links at the bottom of this article on Dance as a Career, Scholarships for Dancers, and more.

The College Guide

How to Decide on A College

Topics Included:

  • What are your goals? (see also setting goals in dance)
  • The audition process.
  • Location, facilities, and campus life.
  • If you are concerned about grades…
  • Making the transition

Tips for College Part I

Topics Included:

  • Technique Classes
    • Trust and Balance
  • Rehearsals
    • Get Involved and Be Professional

Tips for College Part II

Topics Included:

  • Improvisation/Modern Dance/Contemporary Concepts

    • Go For It!
    • The Task at Hand
  • Filling in the Gaps

Tips for College Part III

Topics Included:

  • Theory and Liberal Arts Classes
    • Study and Note-taking
    • Absences
    • Embrace Learning
  • Take Care of Your Instrument

Dance as a Career

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Find a College That Meets Your Criteria

Dance Magazine College Guide 08-09
Dance Department Blogs
I just thought it was interesting that some university dance departments now have their own blogs, so I’m adding these links. Check them out!

If you would like to suggest additional resources for dance in higher education (particularly for areas outside the U.S., please post links or information in the comments.

If you have questions about dance in a university setting, feel free to contact me.

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Nichelle (admin)
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