B Dancewear Offers A Rainbow Of Dancewear Options

B Dancewear offers nearly 40 types of dancewear basics in over 200 colors, in an array of fabrics. See what we have to say about the products they sent us.

The Great Costume Debate: The Controversy Over Age Appropriateness

Should something be done about revealing costumes in competitive dance? Some feel that total freedom of expression must be upheld, others think competitions should implement penalties & restrictions. Shawna David looks at the issues and tries to find middle ground.

Performance Formula: Successfully Showcasing Young Dancers

Forget the costumes, backstage, and the tickets. Maria gives a formula for showcasing young dancers and building a community that can get excited about dance.

This Is Why I Bother

To those who aren’t dancers or teachers, all the little rules and details we observe and require of our students may seem silly or pointless. But we have our reasons and they’re illustrated in Melanie Doskocil’s final entry for the year in Ballet’s Un-X-pected Lesson Files.

The Nutcracker: Unwrapped

Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes of The Nutcracker in one of America’s largest ballet companies? From 7000 lbs of hand-torn snow to tangled flying cooks, take a peek, as we talk with Production Director, Tom Boyd and Wardrobe Manager, Laura Lynch.

Drama-Free Costuming: Yes, It’s Possible!

Costumes are not only a means to express your artistry but an important part of your business. Whether you aspire to boost your competition team’s success or to have this be your most memorable year yet for recitals, Suzanne shares some tips for a drama-free costume experience this season.

The Costume “Blackout” Keeps Choreography Center Stage

Students start focusing on costumes and lose sight of their choreography development and goals. But Heather has a unique method for getting students back on track. While she’s at it, she explains the importance of costuming selection and the messages wardrobe can convey to an audience.

Costume Advice from a Professional Smarty-pants

The multi-talented Adult Beginner pays us a visit again. AB is …umm… a ballet beginner who began as an adult, hence bypassing the costume chaos that most studio teachers, parents, and students associate with this time of year. However, as a professional costumey smarty-pants, I thought she’d have some super smart costume altering advice to share with us… I wasn’t disappointed and I don’t think you will be either!

How-to: Ballet Eye Makeup Made Easy

ballet dancer’s makeup should accentuate and enhance the NATURAL three dimensional shape of the eye. This allows the audience to follow the ballerina’s gaze. As her eyes and head follow through each position of her dance the audience needs to know if her eyes are open, closed, looking in a certain direction or at a specific character.