How To Improvise Movement When You’ve Never Done It Before

Crash Course in Dance Improv

Dance improvisation is a requirement for some auditions. We’ve given tips on improv before but what if you have no tools or experience at all? Here’s our crash course to help you successfully get through your first improv session.

How To Memorize Ballet Combinations

Kansas City Ballet in the studio

During ballet class, a dancer must be able to quickly learn and then perform dance exercises. Don’t get lost on the dance floor. Follow this got-it-down guide to picking up ballet combinations.

Multiple Pirouettes – Slow Motion Reveals A Favorite “Cheat”

Performing Multiple Pirouettes

Want to know the secret “cheat” all the greats use to perform multiple pirouettes? Nathan Prevost shares this and more great tips in his first guest post at Dance Advantage.

Imitate What You See On YouTube… The Right Way

Keep your technique when copying new dance moves

Stop! Before you try that new dance move you saw on YouTube or SYTYCD. How can you imitate what you see more safely? Guest, Laurel Foley, breaks it down for us.

7 Reasons You Are Lucky to Be a Dancer

7 Reasons You're Lucky to be a Dancer

Today’s your lucky day! Sharing a little pot of gold with you this St. Patrick’s Day – 7 awesome benefits of being a dancer. We’d be over the rainbow, if you would read, share, and comment.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Dancers

Roosevelt on comparison

Break the bad habit of comparing yourself to other dancers. It slows your progress and undermines your potential as a dancer. Here are some techniques to quit comparisons.

Answering Your Questions About Gaga Dance

Gaga intensive - Photo by Gadi Dagon

What is Gaga dance? Who practices it? Where can you find classes? And, what do Natalie Portman and the director of the documentary, Mr. Gaga, Tomer Heymann, have to say about Gaga?

When in Paris, Take Class! Where, How, Do You Really Need a Why?

Paris, France - Centre de Dance du Marsais

Co-ed dressing rooms, cash payment, and barre au sol. Guest, Terez Mertes, walks you through her drop-in experience at Paris’ Centre de Dance du Marais. We hope it inspires you to take class on your travels!

Zen and the Art of Ballet: 10 Tips For The Journey

A woman in white adopting a pose of meditation.

Ballet is a great ‘in the moment’ activity, but when your mind wants to wander to negative or judgmental places, Terez Mertes lends 10 zen principles to helps you bring focus and balance to your journey.

7 Pointers for Your First Partnering Experiences

Boston Ballet Company - partnering in the studio

Elizabeth Sullivan of The Dancer’s Toolkit prepares you for summer intensives and what may be your first partnering experience with great tips including how to communicate effectively with your partner and how to ask questions of your teachers.

An Old Guy Does Ballet

Andrew Stone and partner

After taking ballet for the first time, 50+ partner dancer, Andrew has observations to share about recognizing serious dancers, the importance of ballet, pas de deux, and being ready to adapt.

Ten Tips for Adult Newbies Who Aren’t New to Ballet

The elbows of dancers as they place their arms in front of their bodies.

Adult ballet dancers, newbies or not, enter a whole new world when they begin taking classes. There’s a lot more to learn than movements. Here are 10 takeaways from an adult beginner who has been where you are.