7 Reasons You Are Lucky to Be a Dancer

7 Reasons You're Lucky to be a Dancer

Today’s your lucky day! Sharing a little pot of gold with you this St. Patrick’s Day – 7 awesome benefits of being a dancer. We’d be over the rainbow, if you would read, share, and comment.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Dancers

Roosevelt on comparison

Break the bad habit of comparing yourself to other dancers. It slows your progress and undermines your potential as a dancer. Here are some techniques to quit comparisons.

Answering Your Questions About Gaga Dance

Gaga intensive - Photo by Gadi Dagon

What is Gaga dance? Who practices it? Where can you find classes? And, what do Natalie Portman and the director of the documentary, Mr. Gaga, Tomer Heymann, have to say about Gaga?

When in Paris, Take Class! Where, How, Do You Really Need a Why?

Paris, France - Centre de Dance du Marsais

Co-ed dressing rooms, cash payment, and barre au sol. Guest, Terez Mertes, walks you through her drop-in experience at Paris’ Centre de Dance du Marais. We hope it inspires you to take class on your travels!

Zen and the Art of Ballet: 10 Tips For The Journey

A woman in white adopting a pose of meditation.

Ballet is a great ‘in the moment’ activity, but when your mind wants to wander to negative or judgmental places, Terez Mertes lends 10 zen principles to helps you bring focus and balance to your journey.

7 Pointers for Your First Partnering Experiences

Boston Ballet Company - partnering in the studio

Elizabeth Sullivan of The Dancer’s Toolkit prepares you for summer intensives and what may be your first partnering experience with great tips including how to communicate effectively with your partner and how to ask questions of your teachers.

An Old Guy Does Ballet

Andrew Stone and partner

After taking ballet for the first time, 50+ partner dancer, Andrew has observations to share about recognizing serious dancers, the importance of ballet, pas de deux, and being ready to adapt.

Ten Tips for Adult Newbies Who Aren’t New to Ballet

The elbows of dancers as they place their arms in front of their bodies.

Adult ballet dancers, newbies or not, enter a whole new world when they begin taking classes. There’s a lot more to learn than movements. Here are 10 takeaways from an adult beginner who has been where you are.

Do Great Choreographers Have To Be Great Dancers?


Should someone whose goal is to become a choreographer work just as hard at becoming a better dancer? I have a few thoughts on the matter but I invite you to add your own, share what it means to be a great choreographer, and name a few so-so dancers turned choreographers. .

The Fit Dancer: Get off the couch for back-to-dance bootcamp!


Back-to-school time is upon us, and with the freshly sharpened pencils and crisp wide-ruled paper also come the frightening anticipation of returning to dance.  While most studios offer some sort of summer intensive and many dancers go away to professional intensives, chances are many young dancers spend a good chunk of summer putting in serious time on the sofa.  Sure, taking a break is a great idea, but going from little or no daily activity back to three, four, or {Read More}

Use What You’ve Got On Hand: Towel Exercises To Strengthen Feet

Nikki White, author and dancer

Author and dancer, Nikki White shares foot strengthening exercises that are useful for any dancer but especially for students who are preparing for pointe work. She also talks about “pointing with your whole body”. Watch the video and tell us what you think!

How Leon Got His Groove Back (and how you can, too)

IMAGE A couple dance the waltz dressed in formal wear for competition IMAGE

As a ballroom instructor and competitor, Leon is no stranger to burnout. Sometimes getting to class or continuing with training can feel like a chore. When he needs a boost of inspiration, he uses these 5 strategies to re-energize and look forward to dancing and training again.