Ballet Competitions On the Go

Dancers at the Genée International Ballet Competition

Ballet competitions happen all over the globe but thanks to today’s mobile technology, you can take them with you wherever you go. Guest, Heather Desaulniers brings us a list of the world’s top competitions and reviews the new Genée 2013 app.

Lovable Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”

Stefanie "Biggest Girl in the Ballroom"

Meet Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”. Find out why she’s blogging & building a “ballroom village.” We ask her thoughts on perceived shortcomings and, most importantly, watch her lip-sync and take charge on the cha-cha.

Congratulations Top Dance Blogs of 2013!

Top Dance Blog 2013

You voted and ranked the Top 20 Dance Blogs of 2013, and chose your favorites in each category. Nearly 3000 votes were counted. See who won and congratulate all the participants.

Dance Bloggers Share Their Best Of

School House Rock - Counting Fives

Nine dance bloggers share over 40 posts on a variety of subjects. Though very different, what these articles have in common is their position among the ‘top 5’, as chosen by the bloggers themselves.

Time To Vote! Top Dance Blogs 2013

Vote for the 2013 Top Dance Blogs

Vote for your favorite dance blogs in each category and help rank the top 20 dance blogs of 2013. Plus, find new dance blogs to read and follow!

Enter Your Site In Our Top Dance Blog Contest

Dance Advantage Top Dance Blog Contest 2013

The 2013 Dance Advantage Top Dance Blog contest kicks off today. Enter your dance blog for a chance to be a Top 20 Dance Blog or get voted as the best in your category. Real blog readers choose their favorites in this yearly competition!

Three Horrifying Reasons To Go YouTubing This Week

Two ghoulish figures haunt the hallways of a ship in search of The LXD.

Beware, the supernaturally talented cast of The LXD resorts to scary tactics in Rising, possibly the most terror-iffic item we’ve shown at DA. Plus, DS2UDIO, the dance lifestyle YouTube channel keeps things jumping with two Halloween specials on dance-themed costumes and the scariest dance sequences in history.

Please, Join The Circle!

Join the Circle at Dance Advantage

Join us each month to share your tips, ideas, and opinions on a featured dance topic that’s fun and informative. We’ve got something lined up for September through March. Bloggers submit a post. Non-bloggers leave a comment. Participate whenever you want!

Why Dance Matters Reloaded

Participate in the Why Dance Matters event

We’re looking for a few good posts about Why Dance Matters to you! We’re also looking for your participation in the RELOADED Why Dance Matters event. And, we’re looking for those who want to help an expanded project take shape. Are you down? Get the details in this post.

Enforced Arch: Dancers As A Force For Change

IMAGE Please Don't Touch -- Break Free From Fur || ARTIST CREDIT: Julie Gueraseva IMAGE

Enforced Arch is a dance and performance community of intelligent communicators who use their unique talents to bring life to environmental and social issues. They were also voted #2 in a very close race to decide the Top Dance Blogs of 2011. Learn more about the community and its creator James Koroni in this interview.