Lovable Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”

Stefanie "Biggest Girl in the Ballroom"

Meet Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”. Find out why she’s blogging & building a “ballroom village.” We ask her thoughts on perceived shortcomings and, most importantly, watch her lip-sync and take charge on the cha-cha.

Answering Your Questions About Gaga Dance

Gaga intensive - Photo by Gadi Dagon

What is Gaga dance? Who practices it? Where can you find classes? And, what do Natalie Portman and the director of the documentary, Mr. Gaga, Tomer Heymann, have to say about Gaga?

A Look at LEAP! National Dance Competition

LEAP! Medals

It pays to know a little more about a competition company, its judges, and its philosophies, so have a look at LEAP! National Dance Competition in this interview with executive director, Drew Vamosi.

Help Preschool Dancers Move Safely In The Studio

Little dancer in her own space

Spots and tape lines help young dancers keep their spacing but teaching preschoolers how to move around safely in a dance class takes demonstration and practice. Maria gives seven creative ways to teach the concepts of space and spatial awareness to little movers.

Winter Break Resolutions And Finding Zumba Along The Way

Zumba poster and strong bands

In a fruitless search for open ballet classes accepting adult students in her upstate NY hometown, Alissa stumbled upon Zumba classes as a way to unwind from finals, get moving, and personalize the goals of the workout program to fit my own dance goals.

John Jacobson Shares Tips For Staging Your Own Flashmob

John Jacobson leads Double Dream Hands choreography on Ellen.

Music educator, composer, philanthropist, and youtube sensation, John Jacobson has choreographed for “mobs” of dancers, including the staff and crew of the Ellen DeGeneres show. Get John’s tips on how to stage your own flashmob and learn more about his true life’s work and positive message.

In The Moment: Ten Improvisation Tips

IMAGE Dancers improvise to music, making physical contact in a variety of ways. IMAGE

Dance improvisation is a movement skill that involves creating and executing movement without any premeditated choreographing, as well as a dance form that takes practice to master just like any other. For those new to improvising, here are some words of advice that can help in any situation where you may be asked or required to make up movement on the spot.

Expand Your Library or Horizons: 13 Books on Dance and Culture


Dr. Renee Rothman, a dancer and cultural anthropologist, share 13 books that address the human meaning and experience of dancing in cultures throughout the world. Selected because they are easy for general audiences to read, these texts cover dance throughout history, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, and Social Dance in America, Latin Dance, Middle Eastern Dance, and dance in China. Expand your dance library or your horizons with this reading list.

Teacher’s Top Three: Top Low-Tech Props

IMAGE Alexandra of Hullaballoo Danceshop looks jovial in butterfly wings as she waves a magic wand over her creative dance class. IMAGE

Alexandra Langstaff has been teaching creative movement and modern dance in Vermont for over 20 years. She spends the majority of her time in pre-schools, elementary schools and day care centers. She shares her Top Three Props with DA readers because they saved her when the electricity went out, the iPod quit and the cute speaker system wasn’t loud enough.

The Skinny On The Bar Method For Ballet Body Fitness

IMAGE The Bar Method partners with Twentieth Century Fox to promote the release of Black Swan to DVD and Blu-Ray IMAGE

The 411 on The Bar Method as founder, Burr Leonard chats with me about this unique full-body fitness program, its relationship to dance and with dancers, and of course, Black Swan (which they celebrated during a promotional partnership in March). Also, our own Lauren Warnecke tries a class in Chicago and lets you know exactly what she thinks.

Teacher’s Top Three: Improvisation and Composition Studies

IMAGE A flocking dance piece called "Seeds of Compassion" performed in Seattle. IMAGE

Jenn Romano works with high school dance students and in two after school dance programs for at risk youth. Jenn’s Top Three comes directly from her work, teaching dance composition in New Mexico high schools. She uses these “games” to practice improvisational skills as well develop student-generated choreography in her classes.

Getting Into Character Dance

IMAGE DVD Cover for Vagnova Dance Academy's Character Dance Class IMAGE

A review of Vagnova Ballet Academy’s Character Dance Class DVD (availability courtesy KineticFlix.com). Plus, additional resources for teachers on DVD and CD and more articles and blog posts to help you “get into Character”.