Lovable Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”

Stefanie "Biggest Girl in the Ballroom"

Meet Stefanie, “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”. Find out why she’s blogging & building a “ballroom village.” We ask her thoughts on perceived shortcomings and, most importantly, watch her lip-sync and take charge on the cha-cha.

Answering Your Questions About Gaga Dance

Gaga intensive - Photo by Gadi Dagon

What is Gaga dance? Who practices it? Where can you find classes? And, what do Natalie Portman and the director of the documentary, Mr. Gaga, Tomer Heymann, have to say about Gaga?

Bournonville Basics

August Bournonville

Bournonville is not only a method of training and technique, but a choreographic school developed by August Bournonville, choreographer for the Royal Danish Ballet. Learn more about the method and the man!

A Look at LEAP! National Dance Competition

LEAP! Medals

It pays to know a little more about a competition company, its judges, and its philosophies, so have a look at LEAP! National Dance Competition in this interview with executive director, Drew Vamosi.

Help Preschool Dancers Move Safely In The Studio

Little dancer in her own space

Spots and tape lines help young dancers keep their spacing but teaching preschoolers how to move around safely in a dance class takes demonstration and practice. Maria gives seven creative ways to teach the concepts of space and spatial awareness to little movers.

Developing Performance, Expression & Communication Skills in Ballet

© Richard Calmes | Dancer: Kylie Morton

As she breaks down performance into its elements, Angeline offers tips and video examples that will help you breathe life into your ballet dancing whether for exams or the stage.

Tap Dancing on Vinyl (Marley) Flooring Has Risks


Tap dancing on marley (or vinyl) flooring not only limits movement and sound, but can be hazardous for your dancers. Find out the how and why from Tapography columnist, Tristan Bruns as he enlists feedback and opinion from an acoustics professional and a physical therapist.

Tap Shoe Review: Capezio’s Boy’s Tapster

Capezio Tapster

Tristan tears apart the Capezio Tapster for an in-depth review of the this beginner shoe for boys. What’s inside might surprise you!

Winter Break Resolutions And Finding Zumba Along The Way

Zumba poster and strong bands

In a fruitless search for open ballet classes accepting adult students in her upstate NY hometown, Alissa stumbled upon Zumba classes as a way to unwind from finals, get moving, and personalize the goals of the workout program to fit my own dance goals.

15 Tap-Happy Treatise By Tristan

IMAGE Three pairs of custom designed K360′s created by Matt at dancingfair.com IMAGE

Catch up on or revisit these essential TAPography articles by Tristan Bruns. Famous tap steps and their history, buying and customizing tap shoes, the relationship of tap dance to music, and teaching tap skills.

Choreographing For Musical Theatre – Making Moves

Actors in the musical Legally Blonde perform a production number.

Need hints and ideas for creating musical theater choreography? You’ve already got a toolbox of composition tools, now learn how to use and adapt these for choreographing in a way that supports your production’s characters and story.

“And Remember To Smile!”

© Colin Hutton

Do you now remind your students to smile as they enter their dance examinations or auditions? Angeline’s article challenges the practice of telling dance students to smile en route to an exam, noting that it may hinder instead of help many students. We ask you, what are some alternatives?