Best Dance Gift EVER!

Dance gifts make the best gifts.

I asked fellow bloggers to share their Best Dance Gift Ever in a post for our Circle Time this month. The responses may surprise you!

Ballet Emergency Bag

Jessica Warchal-King is Musing About Dancing on her blog. She writes about a very sweet, thoughtful, and practical gift from a military veteran, her husband.

Three holiday cookies - a christmas tree, angel, and bell

The Best Dance Gift: Dance Dot

Maria Hanley Blakemore of recommends Dance Dot as the best dance gift of the year and introduces you to the couple behind it! Your students or your young dancer will love it. Plus, use her code to get 20% off.

Three holiday cookies - a christmas tree, angel, and bell

When you care enough to send the very best..

The most meaningful gifts rarely come in a box. Rori or Rori Roars shares a personal letter from a former teacher with whom she lost contact. This post will leave you with a warm, holiday feeling… and the story isn’t finished yet! See what happens when Rori does a bit of investigation regarding her now 80+ year-old mentor.

Be sure to check out our guest post with Catherine Tully’s (4dancers) holiday wish list for more dance gift ideas: Click here.

 A collection of wrapped gifts

What’s MY Best Dance Gift Ever?

Dance has been a gift in my life. Others’ belief in me, support of my training and education, and sharing of time and talents have also been gifts.

Perhaps my best dance gift ever has been one I gave to myself. It’s a gift that requires frequent tending but it’s also a gift that keeps giving. It continues to bring me joy and delight, especially when I reflect on how it’s flourished despite the odds.

That gift is, of course, Dance Advantage!

You can think it’s corny if you want. I mean it sincerely. The best gifts are usually the ones you are happy to share, and it’s been my honor to share Dance Advantage with you for 4 years, 8 months, and 16 days.

We’d love to hear about the best dance gift you’ve ever received!

Share it in our comments below.

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  1. I began taking ballet for the first time Oct 2011. I never had the opportunity and my parents never had the money to send me when I was a child. My wonderful husband built me a beautiful wooden dance barre last year so I could practice at home. Every time I look at it or use it I remember that a dream deferred does not have to mean a dream lost. And that we should always support our loved ones’ dreams with our love and support.