Tools For Tap Dance: Pocket Steps

IMAGE A woman's hand slips into her pocket IMAGE

Deep Pockets Ask tap dancer Jason Janas what he thinks about pocket steps and he will tell you, “The pocket always wins.”  Pocket steps can be current and dazzling, or classic and nostalgic. The positive response from your audience is all the proof you will need that you are indeed winning. What Are Pocket Steps? Pocket steps are a collection of rhythms, phrases and steps that a tap dancer accumulates and keeps in the back of their mind, ready for {Read More}

Tap Dancing on Vinyl (Marley) Flooring Has Risks


Tap dancing on marley (or vinyl) flooring not only limits movement and sound, but can be hazardous for your dancers. Find out the how and why from Tapography columnist, Tristan Bruns as he enlists feedback and opinion from an acoustics professional and a physical therapist.

Tap Shoe Review: Capezio’s Boy’s Tapster

Capezio Tapster

Tristan tears apart the Capezio Tapster for an in-depth review of the this beginner shoe for boys. What’s inside might surprise you!

Tap Is Music (And I Can Prove It) Part 2


Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed Part 1 of Tap Is Music (And I Can Prove It).  We’re halfway there so read on, true believers! So far we have covered how tap dancers can control their dynamics to make steps loud and soft and how they can sustain certain “notes”.  This article will focus on pitch and timbre, completing our comparison of tap to the four elements of musical tone. Pitch What is pitch and how do we measure for {Read More}

Tap Is Music (And I Can Prove It) Part 1


Tap dance is two things: sound and movement. Here we focus on the sound of tap dance. Tap dance is tied more closely to music than most of us realize.

The Ballet Concept That Tap Teachers Should Steal

I Love Lucy - hanging on the barre

Ballet training produces results, and Tristan thinks it’s time that tap dancers learn a little something from ballet class, consistently encouraging the 4 basics of tap technique, covered in detail within the article.

Tap Classics: In-The-Trenches and Over-The-Tops


These popular flash steps were the innovations and contributions of Toots Davis. Learn more about Davis and the history behind classic tap steps, in-the-trenches and over-the-tops.

Tap Classics: Paddle and Roll Heroes, Lon Chaney & Bunny Briggs


Many contenders could claim to be “the king” of paddle and roll (also called paradiddles) but no other dancer is identified more with the tap step than tap icon, Lon Chaney. Bunny Briggs has also made his mark with the step, as have others. Learn more about paddle and roll and its origins.

Tap Classics: Frank Condos and 5-Count Wings

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In the 1920s, wings were all the rage, and many variations existed. The Pump, the Pendulum, the Saw, the Double Back… like time steps, most dancers had a signature wing variation. But there was one variation in particular that caught the public’s attention, and it was the 5-count wing, created by Frank Condos.

Tap Classic: Jimmy Slyde and his Signature Sliding


Sliding has long been a popular tap step. The novelty of the slide comes from the illusion that the floor has somehow developed a slick surface, giving the impression that the dancer is off balance and could fall at any minute. Discover how it’s done, view classic footage, and learn about the men who made the step famous.

Tap Shoe Review: The Capezio K360 (Brazilian)


The first in a series of tap shoe reviews, Tristan begins with the “Cadillac” of tap shoes, Capezio’s Brazilian K360. He covers their construction, features, and compares them to the American-made Kays. Don’t miss his consumer video for the opinions of tappers of all ages.

Brand Spotlight: Capezio and their Tap Shoes

Photo courtesy Crossett Library Bennington College

Which is the right tap shoe for you? TAPography columnist, Tristan Bruns wants to help you decide. With this brief history of the Capezio brand and its tap shoes, he launches a series of posts which will include his personal, non-sponsored tap shoe reviews from major shoemakers.