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  • 8 links for dancersFinding “Neutral Foot”
  • The history of… tap dancing
  • Dancers & their Ballet Bags: A Visit to Ballet Black
  • How to Take Audition Photos of Your Dancin’ Boy
  • 10 things my cats have taught me about ballet
  • A father’s influence
  • When Should You Dance for Free?
  • From Competition To College

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Finding “Neutral Foot”

‘Round these parts we think foot and ankle alignment is purty darn important. So does Monika over at The Dance Training Project. We can tell because she’s written a whopper of a post on the subject. She’s clear on why foot “posture” it’s so crucial, why rolling in is so bad for you, and gives several exercises to help you find and use your “neutral foot” while dancing.

The history of… tap dancing. (Really.)

A brief overview of tap dancing from its origins to today, this post is notable because it popped up in my reader from an unexpected source — one of my favorite “mom blogs.” What can I say? I like pleasant surprises… and, I like video, too, which is another reason to check out this post.  (P.S. We’ve been known to get a little tap happy here at DA, too.)

Dancers & their Ballet Bags: A Visit to Ballet Black

Not only do we learn what “knolling” is all about from this post, but we learn dancers carry a lot of weird sh…tuff in their dance bags! Bonus: Meeting the lovely, young, international Ballet Black company members willing to let you take a peek at their personal items.

How To Take Audition Photos of Your Dancin’ Boy

The tips in this post at My Son Can Dance aren’t just for young male dancers (or their parents). They’re really for anyone hopin’ to do a little DIY photographin’ for auditions. The advice comes from San Francisco Ballet dancer, Alexander Reneff-Olson, who is an experienced photographer as well.

10 things my cats have taught me about ballet

Just when you think you’ve seen enough cat memes to last a lifetime, The Classical Girl comes up with a great list for ballet-loving cat people… or cat-loving ballet people… actually, for anyone who loves to move.

A father’s influence

For Father’s Day, Scott at loveballet89 reflected on how a father’s supportive (or unsupportive, as it was in Scott’s case) behavior regarding their child’s dance study affects male dancers in particular. It’s an eloquent statement that demonstrates the many ways our lives are shaped by the people and events in them.

When Should You Dance for Free?

Nearly every professional dancer faces this question in their career. This Dance Magazine article shares how four dancers have and do answer it for themselves. The article also features a once-upon-a-time high school classmate of Nichelle’s, Aaron Mattocks. A dancer who began his training in college, Aaron is inspiring in lots of ways.

From Competition To College

Once a competitive dance student like so many young dancers, 4dancers columnist Ashley David, a dance major at University of Maryland, College Park reflects on her transition to college and seeing dance, herself, and her work as artistic. She and some of her peers also give a handful of excellent tips for managing this often surprising shift.

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